Right now, British made equipment offers major benefits to the Hospitality Sector

28th April 2021

Most of us can’t wait to enjoy a beer or a meal at our local pub or restaurant. Or, get away for that long awaited stay-cation. It’s been widely reported in the media that Hospitality’ venues – pubs especially – have been flooded with bookings in the weeks since the PM announced his timetable for the reopening of Hospitality.

The British Beer & Pub Association has indicated that, so far, only 40% of establishments have opened to date so customer can enjoy outside drinking and dining. And certainly, the glorious weather over the past two weeks has boosted consumers pent up desire to go further than the front door. But, that 40% is set to change dramatically on May 17th as inside dining and hotels get back in business.

Will it be that simple? Will customers flood back through the open doors? And are establishments ready and able to cope across an industry which has been devastated by Covid with months of lockdowns. Importantly, we ask what’s happening with the supply of equipment for those venues who have got back to business but have found their equipment isn’t up to the job?

Here at Classeq, we are ready to go with equipment and spares available – there’s a big advantage right now in being made in Britain! We’re hearing reports of serious delays in orders of essential equipment – whether new machines or spare parts – which have been sourced from the continent, all of which are putting pressure on suppliers and distributors. In some cases, lead times have doubled for the import and export of components and equipment. Catering equipment importers say lead times from Europe have doubled (foodserviceequipmentjournal.com)

Some members of the FEA (Food Equipment Association) are citing that they are being quoted an additional six week’s delivery date or having to invest significant sums in adding extra stock to cover for potential delays – amongst other things, the requirement for paperwork to be 100% correct. Worse still, the recent blockage of the Suez Canal has put more pressure on this already worrying situation.

We’re also reading about extraordinary price increases in a year (as much as 35%), which has left many customers and hospitality establishments looking to make essential savings in order to survive. In today’s market, every penny counts.

In our own case, we have been swift to reassure our customers and our distributors that we are open and ready for business with new machines, spare parts and our maintenance teams ready and waiting. Being made in Britain has given us a major advantage over many equipment brands – our product site is in the heart of the UK (a purpose built, state-of -the art 3,000sq metre site), backed up by service and maintenance teams who have immediate access to parts and spares, should these be needed.

Being made in Britain not only has emotional appeal to our customers, but means no import delays and no inflated prices to take account of new import regulations and duties resulting from Brexit. It also means that we have machines ready and waiting so if our customers need a new machine or some parts – we can get this to them, usually the very next day!

It’s not just about buying new equipment. It’s also about the longer life-term of that equipment and having confidence that you have a robust warewasher that gives you great value and can meet the demands of your busy kitchen, and not let you down just at the moment you need it to truly perform. All of us would agree that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a spare part of finding it is unavailable or sitting in a dock somewhere awaiting release.

Our service ethos has been based on offering delivery of parts (and machines) the very next day to most parts of the UK. Having our British manufacturing base enables us to deliver this promise – we know how important it is that customers have a clean plate and glass to eat and drink from.

As the saying goes; ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’! With Covid front of mind in the majority of consumers, a recent report undertaken in April 2021 around perceptions of eating out post lockdown* consumers rated cleanliness as major factor in their choice of establishment. Classeq warewashers meet the highest European standards of cleanliness and have been certified as meeting the tough DINSPeC10534-2012-8 specifications, giving our customers that vital reassurance they are looking for.

We live and breathe our service ethos at Classeq and offer our customers the support of trained technicians who are always in touch with factory and R & D team. These technicians are available by phone or for site visits, depending on level of support our customers require.

If you are considering changing your equipment, please do take a look at the superb range of warewashers we can offer you that represent value, efficiency and service. Classeq machines are simple to use and robust in their cycle, that’s why we have grown to become one of the leading warewashing brands that partners the hospitality industry, based on trust and confidence in our machines.

For those looking to re-start their machines after the last few months of down-time, you may like to check out our guide to re-starting your warewasher to ensure it is in peak condition to meet the potential onslaught!

We’re all hoping for a glorious summer of eating out and socialising and having a better time. That’s why we’re here to support you as you and your team gear up in the weeks’ ahead as lockdown measures relax further and numbers increase. To find a distributor near you, please complete the form on our ‘How to Buy’ page or call 01889 272338.

Classeq Manufacturing - Stafford, UK

Manufacturing in progress at product site in Stafford, UK. Photograph taken prior to 2020/21 Covid restrictions.

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