The Easter break is fast approaching … are you ready?

21st March 2022

Easter is historically one of the most significant events in the Hospitality annual calendar as consumers get set to meet friends and family and shake off those winter blues.  It’s big business that is purported to be worth some £4billion in eating out, food, and gifts.

However, uncertainty is never far from all our doors as we take in the tragic events being witnessed in Eastern Europe alongside inflationary pressures that have not been seen for more than three decades.  Our customers are indicating that their menus may shrink (whilst prices go up), in order to accommodate the increased level of footfall over these exceptionally busy periods.

Easter is a little later this year, but it will still be here before we know it and there are lots of advantages in this mid-month position for hospitality operators.  The spring evenings will be lighter with summer just around the corner, and the season will be well and truly underway with May Bank Holiday following soon after.

And then – we all head into the Jubilee Celebrations which everyone will be celebrating across the nation and promise to be a real boost to Hospitality.

Prior to this peak, establishments will want to look ahead and be sure they are prepared for the increased pressure.  As part of that, now is the time to take some simple steps to ensure that your warewasher (which is an essential part of your equipment), can cope with the demand, as no matter how busy your establishment is, every customer expects a clean plate and glass.

It’s a good time to service your machine

There’s never a better time to service your machine and give it a good clean ahead of the Easter period. For help and advice on servicing please complete our online form or call our service number on 01908 359059.

Order early to avoid disappointment …

If you are looking to upgrade your warewasher ready for the year ahead, it’s a good idea to order early to ensure delivery ahead of the long Bank Holiday Easter weekend.  Here at Classeq, our machines are currently dispatched five days following receipt of a confirmed order, a lead time we’re very proud of, but we’d still advise to get your order in as soon as possible.

A ‘made in Britain’ product …

All our warewashers are made in Britain at our Staffordshire factory which means no import delays and no inflated prices to take account of the new import regulations and duties resulting from Brexit.  It also means that we are ready to go with any accessories, equipment and spare parts you might need, as and when you might need them.

The line-up of dishwashers and glasswashers to choose from …

We have a full range of undercounter and Pass Through dishwashers and undercounter glasswashers.  Our team is on hand to discuss your footfall and the needs within your establishment.  We can help every step of the way to ensure you select the right machine for your requirements.


Standard undercounter dishwasher: Standard undercounter dishwashers are incredibly easy to use with LCD digital display, simple to clean and deliver excellent wash results and are perfect for kitchens where space is limited.

DUO undercounter dishwasher: DUO undercounter dishwashers offer everything that a standard undercounter has plus double skinned sides and door to allow for quieter operation and less heat loss. All DUO models offer drain pumps, rinse booster pumps,  built in chemical pumps, optional integrated water softener and full WRAS compliance.

Pass Through dishwashers: Our Pass Through dishwashers are designed for high volume use, perfectly suited to any busy kitchen and are capable of cleaning up to 720 plates per hour.


Standard undercounter glasswashers: Our compact, front-loading standard glasswashers all come with two wash programs and LCD digital display. They are available in three sizes (350mm, 400mm and 500mm), holding up to 12, 16 or 25 pint-sized glasses per rack.

DUO undercounter glasswashers: DUO undercounter glasswashers are available in 400mm and 500mm and as per their dishwasher counterparts all come with drain pumps, rinse booster pumps,  built in chemical pumps and optional integrated water softener. Plus, they are WRAS approved ensuring they meet all installation regulations and requirements.

Time for an upgrade?

The pending Easter holidays might well be the catalyst to purchase a new dishwasher but you will enjoy the benefits of your new machine for months and years to come.  Simplicity and robustness are at the heart of what we do – all of our machines are simple to use and built to last.

Speak to one of our friendly team …

If you would like some help or advice on buying a new dishwasher, why not have a chat with a member of our friendly team. You can call us on 01889 272338 or complete a simple contact us form.



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