Warewashing Made Simple

In hotels and restaurants, warewashing plays a vital role in delivering a service that meets the high expectations of guests and diners.

Hospitality Managers, Head Chefs and Restauranteurs require exceptional standards, reliability and trust in their machines to ensure every aspect of the customer journey is pristine and polished.

At Classeq, we understand the importance of providing guests with sparkling clean plates and glasses and how this can impact patrons’ overall experience. That’s why we’ve developed a range of simple-to-use under counter machines, with simple button controls and a digital system to ensure a smooth running back-of-house operation. Our warewashers also help to reduce those all-important overhead costs, featuring double skinned doors that help to retain heat and an energy saving standby mode.

Classeq Solutions for Hotels & Restaurants




Commercial dishwashers for hotels and restaurants

At Classeq, we specialise in supplying commercial dishwashers for hotels and restaurants that won’t let you down when you’re depending on them the most. We are a British brand that has been in the industry for over four decades, serving some of the country’s most reputable pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes and catering operators. We offer dishwasher solutions at affordable price tags that are noted for their speed, efficiency, reliability and simplicity.

Hotel standard dishwasher solutions

We have a deep understanding of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in the dining market. Our under counter glasswashing and dishwashing machines are simple to use and can play a pivotal role in ensuring the ongoing efficiency of your kitchen. They can also help you save on overhead costs thanks to features such as double-skinned doors designed to retain heat as well the eco-friendly energy-saving standby mode. We offer undercounter dishwashers, glasswashers and pass through dishwashers.

Simplicity and efficiency

All the machines we design are built around the concept of simplicity, with the vast majority of our products featuring single or two-button operation systems alongside pioneering software controls and intuitive digital displays. We stringently test all our machines for operational and performance excellence to ensure they can provide the quality you require in an increasingly demanding market. Most of our machines feature full WRAS compliance. What’s more is that we are constantly seeking out new methods for improving and building upon our existing technology, which is one reason why we have now opted for digital technology as opposed to electro-mechanical operation.

British-made components

We specialise in providing dishwashers and glasswashers that are simple to use and train. We assemble as many internal components as we can in the UK, assembling and testing them in the centre of England. Placing our customers at the heart of all we do, we continue to enjoy robust relationships with a wide range of clients and are consistently focused on delivering long-term benefits.

Undercounter and pass-through dishwashers

Our undercounter dishwashers come as part of two ranges: Standard and Duo. All our machines are easy to use and capable of delivering the pristine results that you require. All standard features are included in our DUO undercounters alongside drain pumps, built-in rinse pumps, double skinned construction, LCD displays and a water board compliant air gap. Our pass-through dishwashers are ideal for straight-through and corner-sited operations. These dishwashers are also referred to as hood types and can clean up to 720 plates an hour. Features include a LCD controls with temperature displays and a choice of three wash cycles, a 39-litre wash tank, continuous hood clean and removable wash arms. All machines in this range have ‘Type A’ water board compliance (WRAS) as well as drain pumps. We can also cater for you if you require additional detergent pumps, rinse pumps and integral water softeners.

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Our clients include some of the busiest hotels and restaurants in the trade, pubs, bars, cafes, offices, canteens, care homes, schools, colleges, universities, councils and government departments. Should you wish to get in touch with us today, you can do so by calling +44 (0)844 225 9249 or sending an e-mail to sales@classeq.co.uk. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on our website.

Key Features

Simple & Easy Operation

All Classeq machines are designed with a clear focus on simplicity. Most machines utilise single or two-button operation with intuitive digital displays and innovative software controls.

Clean & Dependable Results

Our machines are stringently tested for operational and performance excellence and ready to stand up to the demands of todays intensive requirements. Most Classeq machines come with full WRAS compliance.

Digital Technology

Classeq continually strive to find ways of improving our technology. That’s why our machines utilise digital technology instead of relying on electro-mechanical operation.