How do I know whether a machine will cope with the demands of our kitchen or bar?

11th October 2021

How do I know whether a machine will cope with the demands of our kitchen or bar?
A commercial dishwasher or glasswasher has a clearly defined purpose, to provide you with sparkling clean glasses and tableware. It may not be the most glamorous element of your kitchen, but it has an essential job to do. From the outset you need to know if your machine is up to the task.

Every Classeq machine will provide sparkling and hygienically clean results, but there will be a number of options to consider when you make your purchase to make sure it can consistently meet the demands of your kitchen or bar.

 What to consider … start simple …

Looking at all the options available can seem like a minefield!   Start simple… think about what your business needs are… what needs to be washed and when? How many plates or glasses do you need to wash during your absolute busiest service?

 Expansion plans?

It’s good to consider whether you have plans to expand your business in the near future and what impact that will have.  Will your machine cope then? Being prepared for possible increased usage levels will help you avoid the pitfalls of underestimating throughput, and allow you to build in that vital additional margin for potential growth too.

 Make a few calculations …

Everything is focused on peak service, you need a machine that can cope when you’re at your busiest. Start by listing out the total number of covers to be washed at peak service and the nature of items to be washed from each cover i.e. crockery and cutlery or glasses and then kitchen items i.e. pot, pans, utensils, this will provide the total number of items to be washed.  Next determine how long you have to wash all of these items up.  It will help determine whether a machine will cope and give an immediate guide as to the right choice.

Undercounter machines are the most common in the marketplace offering great performance while taking up the minimum amount of space. If you’re dealing with higher volumes and have the space a Pass Through machine may be an option. Check out the table below for plates per hour and glasses per hour figures across the range:



Undercounter Dishwashers

Model Full Sized Plates Per Basket Plates per Hour*
D400 9 270
D400DUO & D400DUOWS 9 270
D500 18 540
D500DUO & D500DUOWS 18 540


Pass Through Dishwasher


Model Full Sized Plates Per Basket Plates per Hour*
P500 18 720




Model Pint Glasses Per Basket Glasses per Hour*
G350 12 480
G400 16 640
G400DUO & G400DUOWS 16 640
G500 25 1000
G500DUO & G500DUOWS 25 1000

* Theoretical maximum capabilities based on optimum set-up.

DUO Models
As well as strong wash capacities our Duo models add further advantages and efficiencies to the kitchen by including built-in chemical pumps, rinse booster pump, drain pump, Type A Air Gap, option of an integral water softener and double skinned construction reducing heat loss and noise.

Variable programmes …

All our machines at Classeq have variable programmes with different cycle lengths which will allow you to adapt loads to meet footfall and service pressures. Variable wash cycles are really important – they provide greater flexibility and can notably improve operational efficiency to ensure you are on top of your service needs, all day.. every day!


Ask for help and advice …

If you are unsure about a machine’s capabilities in line with your needs, never be afraid to seek advice and ask for a site survey. A dealer (or manufacturer) will be pleased to do this (at no obligation), and will be happy to help determine the right solution for your business based upon your knowledge of your operation, the wash throughput and footfall in a day.


A site survey adds real value, considering more than just machine performance. The survey will consider all the processes leading up to loading and unloading the machine, what’s the route from the dining room, how will the dirty and clean items be handled and stored? If you are thinking of making changes, we’d advise that you book a site survey at the outset, especially if you are unsure about how to maximise the space you have.   You’ll be given fresh ideas and have the benefit of broad experience across different establishments.


The importance of planning!

A small, efficient set-up can achieve a greater throughput than a larger ill-designed system, and again this is very much down to planning the area carefully from the start and determining the right machine and layout to handle the volumes required.


Get all these factors right and your machine will cope with the most challenging of services.


Made in Britain

All this, plus Classeq machines are made in Britain, supporting swift delivery, availability of spare parts and access to expertise.

Speak to one of our friendly team …

If you would like any further help or advice on buying a new glasswasher or dishwasher, why not have a chat with a member of our friendly team. Simply complete the contact us form and one of the team will be in touch to answer your questions.



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