Modular Ice Machines And Makers

There are many businesses and commercial sectors that rely on ice. Consequently, they also rely on ice machines and makers that they can use time and time again without fail.

Fortunately, Classeq provides a range of ice machines and are modular ice makers are exceptionally popular, found in large and smaller establishments alike.

Why Is A Modular Ice Machine A Good Choice?

The main benefit of a modular ice machine is that it gives you complete freedom of choice. You can choose how you want to collect the ice and what type of ice is made.

Similarly, because the modules stack on top of each other, modular machines take up very little space, as all the required components are stored inside. This is perfect for fitting them into smaller kitchens or busy operations, where space is always at a premium.

What Components Form A Modular Ice Machine?

Modular ice machines are made from two key components: an ice maker and a dispenser. The former is the appliance responsible for making the ice and there are different machines for each type of ice, such as ice cubes, ice nuggets or ice flakes.

The dispenser, on the other hand, can suit the needs of your company. You may require a push dispenser for smaller amounts, or a storage bin where ice can be stored and scooped up when needed. These sit below the ice maker itself, although they can of course be raised up to a more reachable height.

Why Are Modular Ice Machines Popular?

In addition to their size, modular machines allow companies to buy the perfect option for their organisation, rather than buying larger, more expensive industrial ice makers that they simply don’t need.

Furthermore, as far as service goes, our modular ice machines are quick to use, allowing your staff to grab the ice they need as they work. In this way, modular machines fit into the hustle and bustle of busy kitchens or bars with no additional fuss.

What Industries Or Businesses Use Modular Ice Makers?

Any organisation that has a large need for ice needs an ice maker they can rely on. From hotels and restaurants to pubs bars and cafes, modular ice makers help the service industry provide ice for a variety of meals, drinks and other purposes with absolute ease.

Do They Require Maintenance?

All machines require maintenance but our modular ice machines are designed to be long lasting solutions. Most maintenance will be for the ice maker itself, rather than the dispenser.

Why Should You Choose A Classeq Modular Ice Maker?

An ice maker is an important appliance for various industries so, if you’re going to purchase one, it makes sense to choose a company you can trust. Classeq doesn’t just provide you with a range of modular options to assemble the perfect solution for your needs. We also provide ongoing customer support, as well as repairs and service options.

This is because we understand that modern businesses need long term solutions that continue to work. We understand your values and only offer appliances that both meet and exceed these.

Want to learn more about how a modular ice maker can help you? Contact us today and let’s get started!