The White Lion Inn

The White Lion pub in Bourton is set in the heart of Wiltshire close to the beautiful National Trust estate, Stourhead.   Situated in a beautiful old building dating from 1721, the team offers a warm and friendly welcome to customers in a relaxed and comfortable environment where they can enjoy excellent beers and ciders, superb food with fine wines either in a cosy bar with an open fire, in the elegant restaurant, or the beautifully landscaped beer garden, for those moments when the sun is out.

What makes The White Lion so special?

We asked Will Tyson-Smith, the owner of The White Lion, what makes this pub so special and he smiled and said, “The atmosphere!  Our locals and friends make it feel like pubs used to feel – like home, just with more beer and no washing up”.

Serving an average of 70 customers a day, over 500 customers a week and up to 25,000 customers in a year, The White Lion is a thriving, bustling pub, every day of the year….

The Challenge:

“With busy footfall, and limited space, it is of paramount importance that we clean glasses quickly and effectively.   Friday and Saturday day-time service and evenings are particular busy and we needed to ensure we always had available glassware. We started with a glasswasher which just couldn’t keep pace and it was clearly time for a change. There is nothing worse than dirty glasses or slow service due to trying to catch up on a service function which should take care of itself.  

The Solution

“We were recommended a Classeq glasswasher as we were told Classeq was easy to use, reliable, quick and presented good value.  After doing some further research we decided to go with it and choose the Classeq Standard Undercounter Glasswasher.

“And, the performance is great.  It’s certainly value for money as we’ve had our machine now for four years and it’s still going strong. It’s simple and easy to use which is wonderful, especially when we are super busy and because we have lots of part time staff it means we haven’t had to spend ages teaching them how to operate it.

“So far – we have no mechanical issues whatsoever (not bad for four years of constant use!), and importantly, the glasses are clean and shiny after each wash and the digital display on the front shows us the temperature of the machine, re-assuring us that it’s up to temperature and fully sanitising during the wash cycle. The simple colour coding is also very handy as we always know whether the machine is on a wash cycle or ready to unload.

“Space is a little bit of an issue in our back bar – we don’t have a huge amount of space – and so the compact and front-loading glass washer that we have is a perfect fit.

“As well as being easy to use, the speed cycles are very useful with a standard 2-minute cycle and a light 1.5 minutes cycle which allows us to gain maximum output, quickly, without compromising the quality of the wash. We also find the machine very easy to clean which is another added bonus”.

“We do very much like the fact that the Classeq glass washers are British manufactured products and that definitely has an impact on our buying decisions. In regards to our ingredients, we always source and buy local ingredients and so this is a key aspect of our ethos”.

Will Tyson-Smith, Owner of The White Lion