Cube Ice Makers

Uniquely thimble-shaped and crystal clear, the ‘Shot’ (or Bistro) cube ice is slow melting, tasteless and odourless - the best there is to add quality and sparkle to refined spirits. Trending in any bar, restaurant or resort application. All machines are supplied with air cooled units as standard or optional water cooled units.

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Classeq Commercial Ice Machine

Our Classeq Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Machines have all your commercial ice machine needs covered. From ice cubes for drinks, whether you are serving customers behind a bar, or at an event, when you only need an ice machine for a matter of days or weeks, our ice machines can produce the perfect ice cubes, flaked ice or nuggets.

Classeq have been supplying the food, beverage and hospitality industry robust commercial glass and dishwasher solutions since 1977. Now we also supply Ice machines with two years and three years warranty, built to last, alongside our Classeq Commercial Dishwasher and Commercial Glasswasher ranges.

We are renowned, in the UK and around the world, for the high-quality of our engineering skills and innovative product development. At the same time, we have always strived to deliver the best quality customer service and support, so that you know you can rely on us to solve any problem you may have with any of our machines.

We have a wide selection of commercial ice machines, from self-contained units to modular designs and separate storage bins for ice. Our customers come from across the hospitality, food and beverage sectors, including bars, restaurants, hotels, event organisers and catering suppliers.

Request a demonstration to see our commercial ice machines in action. Have a question or need a quote? Contact us today on 0844 225 9249

Classeq Commercial Ice Machine

Contact us today, if you want to find the most suitable ice machine for your business. Every business has different needs. Not everyone needs to produce and store a lot of ice – whereas, some customers need our largest machines, with 574Kg production capacity per day (ICE1405, with B100 storage bin, recommended). Our smallest machine can produce 19Kg of ice per day, which will fit discreetly within in any bar or restaurant.

Our Ice-O-Matic Commercial machines can produce full or half cubes, flakes or nuggets, depending on what you need. They also come with an improved water distribution system, a front vent air intake – saving you valuable space – and an innovative front panel to control the temperature.

Everything about the modern range of commercial ice machines we offer is designed to save space and time, whilst ensuring you can produce and store the maximum amount of ice that your business needs.

Founded 40 years ago, we have innovated alongside the food, beverage and hospitality sectors, creating new products to serve our customers as they have grown alongside with us over the years.

Request a demonstration to see our commercial ice machines in action. Have a question or need a quote?