Undercounter Glasswashers

Our compact, front-loading glasswashers are available in three sizes, holding up to 25 pint-sized glasses per rack. In addition, clever software constantly monitors water usage, temperature, chemical levels and wash cycles giving valuable data used to improve operational efficiencies.

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Commercial Glass Washers

A commercial glass washer is vital for a range of businesses and industries. Classeq specialises in a range of products in our commercial glass washer sale, offering efficient under-counter solutions.

What Are Glass Washers?

A glass washing machine is a dishwasher that is especially designed for washing various glasses. The racks and shelving inside is specifically designed to hold glassware as large as a pint-sized glass, including wine glasses, tumblers and any other smaller items.

Because they are often designed for industrial use, most glasswashers are designed to fit under counters, where they can be easily hidden. This is thanks to their compact design, allowing the streamline glass washers to fit in smaller spaces while still maximising on their capacity.

What Industries Use Glass Dishwashers?

When it comes to industrial glasswashers, it goes without saying that any industry with glassware needs a dedicated glasswasher commercial product. Restaurants, bars and hotels are common examples, although anywhere that has self catering (such as care homes or government buildings) also needs to take care of its glassware. Of course, the exact machine varies on the needs of the business.

A pub glass washer, for instance, needs to fit under the bar in easy access. A restaurant glass washer, on the other hand, simple needs to fit somewhere in the kitchen, where glassware can be washed and sent back out as quickly as possible.

How Powerful Are Commercial Glasswashers?

Our commercial glasswashers are designed to meet the modern challenges of today’s service industries. This is because our washers use specialised software to monitor the internal temperature, pressure and chemical balance.

The result of this is a commercial glasswasher that is able to remove tough stains, including lipstick and dry drink residue, with ease. Furthermore, our machines take great care to do this without staining or damaging the glass itself, leaving it’s fantastic shine intact.
How Quick Can Glass Dishwashers Work?

It goes without saying that industries that serve drinks can easily go through their entire glass collection in one night, so a fast glasswasher is vital. Our products have a cycle time of 2 minutes, ensuring you can always wash used glassware efficiently. This allows restaurants, pubs and other industries to cycle through a smaller glassware collection effectively, while still meeting the demands of a busy business, rather than having to stock a much larger range of supplies.

Do Commercial Glasswashers Need Maintenance?

Like all machines, glasswashers can suffer wear and tear overtime. However, we provide excellent repairs and service on all of our products. This also extends to our glassware rentals, ensuring you always have a working product for your business!

Of course, it’s also vital that you use the right chemicals. In particular, glasswashers work best with salts, as these help in removing tough stains on the glass itself and softening the water, via the removal of calcium and magnesium ion. More specifically, granulated salt (a form of crystalline sodium chloride designed specifically for this use) is ideal for our machines, although some more specialised products can make use of our Salt T water softener alternative.

Order Your Glasswasher!

If your business needs a better way to keep its glassware clean, a commercial glasswasher is a must! In addition to our wholesale products, we also offer used commercial glasswasher options, as well as rentals and a glass washer repair service.

We have solutions for every business, so contact us today!