CMT150 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher


The CMT150 is an exceptional dishwasher capable of washing up to 2700 plates per hour. Heavy duty wash and rinse pumps throughout ensure a first class clean and dry result. Space saving corner pre-wash and dryer options are available to maximise the efficiency of the wash up area. The CMT range can be configured in a number of ways to meet your specific space saving needs.

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Key Features

High Performance Every Day Use

The CMT150 is capable of washing up to 150 racks per hour (equivalent to 2,700 plates.)

Easy to Operate

Simple controls with automatic rack feed sensors ensure that there is little room for incorrect operation and makes staff training very easy.

Easy to Access and Clean

The CMT150 has been cleverly designed to make access and cleaning as simple and easy as possible, ensuring consistently clean results every time.

Highly configurable

The CMT150 can be configured to include a Drying Unit or Corner Drying Unit. It can also be upgraded to include an optional Heat Recovery Unit.

Water Board (WRAS) Compliant

The CMT150 has a built-in Air Gap preventing dirty water contaminating the mains water supply and is fully compliant with Water Board regulations.

Hot Feed, Cold Feed or Cold Feed With Heat Recovery

The CMT150 can be specified with three different power levels to suit the desired water supply.


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