Storage Bin for Modular Ice Makers


Our convenient design includes an extra-large door opening and a built-in scoop holder so you never have to search for the scoop again. One-piece, polyethylene bin liners and industrial foam insulation prevent ice from melting, so your customers get crystal-clear ice every time. Every Ice-O-Matic bin features height-adjustable legs and is constructed with practicality in mind for years of carefree operation.

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Key Features

High-volume ice storage

The B110 can store up to a massive 388kg of Ice making this one of the largest ice storage bins in our range.

Highly configurable

Multiple bin tops provide an easy solution for mounting ice makers on different sized bins.

Foam insulation

Each polyethelyne bin liner is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation — 1.5" to 3" (38 mm to 76 mm) of insulation.

Perfect-fit seal

Perfect-fit seal for improved ice preservation.

Finger print proof door

Our range of bins all feature rugged, fingerprint-proof doors.

Corrosion-proof bin liner

Ice-O-Matic bins all come with a corrosion-proof bin liner and stainless steel exterior for maximum protection and durability.

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