Viso 50 Utensil Washer

Viso 50

Pots, pans, plates & trays; our utensil washers clean up!

Compact, free standing, front-loading utensil washer capable of washing 600 x 400mm baking pans. Intensive 2, 4 and 6 minute wash cycles complete with high performance wash pump, type A air gap, double skinned insulation and gravity drain as standard.

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Key Features

Compact Utensil Washing

Compact, free-standing, front-loading VISO50 is capable of washing baking trays up to 600mm x 400mm.

Three Wash Cycles

Three effective wash cycles: Standard (2 minute), Heavy (4 minute) and Intensive (6 minute).

Robust Quality Build

The VISO50 includes a high-powered wash pump, type 'A' air gap, double skinned insulation and gravity drain as standard.

Double Skinned Sides and Door

Allows for quieter operation and reduced heat loss.

Water Board (WRAS) Approved

All our VISO utensil washers have 'Type A' air gaps which completely prevents any dirty water from going back into the mains water supply (an essential and legal requirement).

Rinse Economiser

Whilst idol between washes, Classeq utensil washers will automatically reduce rinse boiler heat to the optimum level until it is operated without any detriment to performance.


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