Cleaning solutions for when space is at a premium.

Anyone who’s worked back of house in a busy pub or bar knows that space is at a premium and demand for clean glasses is never-ending. For chefs working in busy cafés, keeping up with high footfall during peak serving hours is vital.

Investing in high-quality equipment that matches customer numbers is key to ensuring staff don’t end up fighting a losing battle when it comes to staying on top of clean dishes, glasses and crockery.

With increasing competition, offering a polished customer experience has never been more important. Every aspect of the guest’s journey needs to be perfected and providing clean glasses and dishes is essential.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of compact front-loading warewashers, with variable wash cycles that enables operators to meet demand without taking up space in the kitchen. Even our smallest machine is capable of cleaning up to 180 plates an hour.

DUO machines are also fitted with a digital LED display, intuitive colour coded lighting and universally recognised symbols, making them incredibly simple to use, freeing up more time for staff to be front of house, serving customers.

Classeq Solutions for Pubs, Bars & Cafés




Commercial dishwashers for pubs, bars and cafes

When it comes to providing commercial dishwashers for establishments such as pubs, bars and cafes, Classeq lead the way. We have been in the business for several decades and are able to provide the flexible dishwashing solutions that you need to keep your operations moving. Our solutions are designed to help you stay ahead when footfall is high, enabling you to source the clean glasses and dishes that you require to keep your customers happy even during your busiest periods. The solutions that we provide equate to an excellent return-on-investment and ensure battles are constantly won.

Enhance the customer experience

We can help you ensure every aspect of the customer journey is perfect and that clean glasses and dishes are always available. Our compact front-loading warewashers offer variable wash cycles to provide the flexibility that you require and allow you to meet demand without kitchen space being compromised. Even the smallest machine that we supply is able to clean up to 180 plates every single hour. Our DUO machines have a digital LED display, easily recognisable symbols and colour-coded lighting, resulting in intuitive solutions that users can get to grips with immediately. These solutions enable you to free up staff to focus on other essential tasks including focusing on your customers to optimise their experience.

Compliance and efficiency

A range of solutions for pubs, bars and cafes are available. Our undercounter dishwashers and glasswashers offer easy-to-use controls and feature removable components. We also manufacture and supply pass through dishwashers for high volumes of plates and wares. These machines are WRAS compliant and ideal for both straight-through and corner sited operations.

Simple solutions

All the machines that we supply are designed with simplicity in mind. The vast majority of our solutions for pubs, bars and cafes feature one or two-button operation which means minimal training is required. We stringently test all our machines to ensure they deliver the operational and performance excellence our customers expect and to make sure they are able to cope with today’s intensive demands. Most of the machines we supply are fully compliant with WRAS . Our products have been built with the core elements that consistently guarantee excellent wash results and purposely refrain from countless features that will not be used. You can download manuals for all Classeq machines from our website, and we are also able to provide warranties for protecting your investment and providing the peace of mind that you are seeking. More and more pubs, bars and restaurants are experiencing the advantages of Classeq machines.

Advice and guidance

We are always on hand to advise you should you have any questions, and you can contact us via a range of channels. The company was first founded way back in 1977 and has been providing the hospitality sector with reliable, robust, affordable and simple glass and dishwashing solutions ever since. We have designed and supplied a wide range of new products over the years and continue to provide solutions that meet the needs of all markets. Contact us today if you need help with sourcing our products. We can provide you with advice on finding the ideal reseller or distributor for adding our solutions to your business.

Undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers

Our undercounter glasswashers have helped scores of pubs, bars and cafes to enhance their operations and boost their reputations amongst customers. We offer undercounter glasswashers in three different sizes, which can hold a maximum of 25-pint glasses per rack. Software is built into the systems to record and provide valuable data on wash cycles, water usage, chemical levels and temperatures. The undercounter dishwashers we manufacture and supply are part of two ranges, Standard and Duo. The products are typical of our range as a whole in that they provide stunning cleaning results, are easy to use and require little cleaning time. The Duo dishwashers come complete with all the features of their Standard counterparts alongside an LCD display, double skinned construction, a drain pump, built-in rinse pump and a water board compliant air gap.

Contacting Classeq

To find out more, call us on +44 (0)844 225 9249 or send an e-mail to You can also contact us via the form on our website. We can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Key Features

Simple & Easy Operation

All Classeq machines are designed with a clear focus on simplicity. Most machines utilise single or two-button operation with intuitive digital displays and innovative software controls.

Clean & Dependable Results

Our machines are stringently tested for operational and performance excellence and ready to stand up to the demands of todays intensive requirements. Most Classeq machines come with full WRAS compliance.

Digital Technology

Classeq continually strive to find ways of improving our technology. That’s why our machines utilise digital technology instead of relying on electro-mechanical operation.