How To Start Your Warewasher After Lockdown

30th March 2021

A quick guide to safely getting your dishwashers and glasswashers back up and running after an extended shutdown.

Step 1
Wipe down the interior and exterior of the machine.
Step 2
Take out wash arms and filters, rinse them and then refit in machine.
Step 3
Check chemical containers and replace any old, leftover chemicals with new.
Fill integral water softener with salt if required or regenerate manual external water softener.
Step 4
Make sure all supplies (water, waste, electric) are connected and working,
and that the drain hose is in place.
Step 5
Turn on the machine and allow to fill.

If any faults appear on the display take appropriate action or for serious issues, please contact our service department. Tel: 01908 359059 Email

Click here to download this guidance as a PDF.