3rd January 2013

5-star venue, 5-star water An hour’s drive from Glasgow, The Lodge on Loch Goil hosts exclusive events at one of the UK’s most scenic locations. Offering seven en-suite bedrooms, a self-contained summerhouse and a spectacular tree house in the grounds, The Lodge has featured in newspaper and magazine editorial as well as being a popular location for fashion shoots.

It offers exceptional levels of customer service, with attention paid to every detail. The water at The Lodge is sourced from a natural mountain spring, yet despite being crystal clear it contains impurities that require filtration. The EauVation system from Classeq provides The Lodge with an economical and sustainable solution, allowing them to make the most of the surrounding natural resources by filtering and bottling the water at its source.

The Lodge’s general manager Iain Hopkins explains,

“when we were serving our guests bottled water, it was time-consuming for us to place an order, take delivery, store and recycle the bottles. EauVation supplied us with elegant, personalised bottles which we fill ourselves and can re-use – things are so much simpler now. We now offer our guests extremely high-quality water for a much lower price than branded mineral water yet we still maintain a healthy profit margin. It’s a win-win situation”.

EauVation offers customers outstanding sales support including site-surveys, staff training and on-going maintenance. Iain testifies,

“the after-sales support and service is excellent – nothing is ever too much trouble”.

EauVation systems are available to rent or buy. For information on the EauVation range, including details of your nearest stockists, call 0844 998 0870, email or visit


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