Many businesses survive off of having clean glasses and dishes. Whether you’re working in hospitality and dining, or simply trying to ensure an effective staffroom, warewashers are a vital appliance for many businesses.

If you haven’t invested in a warewasher for your own operations, isn’t it about time you stopped washing dishes by hand and got a more effective solution?

What are warewashers?

Warewashing refers to appliances dedicated to washing specific wares, such as glassware, dishes and various utensils. This includes commercial dish and glass washers, as well as specialised utensil washers and wash stations.

What makes warewashing systems convenient?

The main appeal of washing appliances is that they can handle large loads quickly and easily, cleaning to a high quality each time.

This, of course, is not the only benefit. Commercial dishwashers and glasswashers allow staff to tend to other duties while the machines do the washing. This frees up time that would otherwise be wasted on washing every dish or glass, freeing up your staff and allowing them to focus on other areas of work.

What industries use warewashing equipment?

A surprising number of businesses use commercial dish and glass washers. A primary industry, however, is the hospitality sector. Restaurants, hotels and pubs all require warewashers to clean their wares on demand. This allows them to rotate through their existing stock, rather than having a large volume of glasses that are washed every night.

Similarly, nursing homes, hospitals and other businesses that have a catering element can make use of this equipment. These machines will often be scaled to suit the company. For instance, while a larger restaurant may need pass through dishwashers or rack conveyor dishwashers, to handle the larger demand, smaller pubs and cafes can make use of undercounter glasswashers that are much more accessible and less space-intensive.

Does your business need a warewashing machine?

In short, if your business relies on a kitchen or any sort of glassware, a dedicated warewasher can free up time that would otherwise be spent on manually washing your supplies.

Even an office can benefit from a small, undercounter dishwashers or glasswashers. This can allow your staff, or your cleaning crew, to clean your supply of mugs, plates and other utensils with ease, giving them more time to apply themselves elsewhere. A small washer can make a great addition to any staff room.

Of course, if you’re actively serving food and drink, then a commercial grade washer will let you rotate through your plates, glassware and cutlery with ease, ensuring you always have clean glasses on hand.

Why you should choose Classeq

If you need a warewashing machine, you need an appliance you can trust. Classeq has been providing washing solutions since 1977. Since then, we’ve used our experience to build appliances that are simple to use yet offer quick, effective results.

All of our products clean glassware, dishes and utensils to a high quality, using the latest in digital technology to control the temperature and internal settings.

So, if you need a new warewashing machine to handle your supplies, we have the appliance that’s perfect for your business. Contact us today and let us find the ideal appliance!