About Classeq

Founded in 1977, Classeq has been at the forefront of dishwasher and commercial warewashing technology. Everything we create, including front loading dishwashers and pass through dishwashers are built with simplicity in mind, easy to install, ease of use, and simple to maintain & clean.

We have a range of types of commercial dishwashers; from small undercounter front loading commercial dishwashers for where space is limited through to pass-through and commercial rack conveyor dishwashers capable of washing over 250 wash racks per hour. Each Classeq machine is built to last and is stringently tested to make sure it is fit for purpose and performs to exceed expectations.

Increasingly, busy offices are finding that fast and efficient; space-saving warewashers are a necessity for keeping offices and workplaces clean whilst maintaining a steady supply of exceptionally clean crockery and glassware. Professionals and office workers are too busy to wash dishes and stick to cleaning rotas. On-site kitchens, canteens and break out spaces have to keep up with demand, which means ensuring plates, cups and glasses are spotlessly clean and washed to a high standard, every time.

Commercial Dishwasher Machine

For commercial spaces with kitchens, canteens, cafes and break out spaces where staff can get or make food and drink, commercial dishwashers have become a necessity. No one has time to wash up, and staff, clients, visitors and other stakeholders expect restaurant-levels of cleanliness and efficiency.

Classeq’s undercounter commercial dishwashers are the perfect solution. Professional dishwashers that are available in two ranges: Standard and Duo. Easy to fit under any kitchen or counter surface, delivering excellent wash results every time. Duo machines have all features from the standard range, plus also comes with an LCD display, a choice of cycle programs, drain pumps, rinse booster pumps and optional water softeners to ensure it meets all installation requirements.

Ensuring everything your office and or other workplace environment is clean has never been quicker. All Classeq’s DUO range of front loading commercial dishwashers have a choice of two, three and five minute wash cycles, meaning you can have a full load of wares loaded, washed and re-issued for service in less than five minutes.

Using an undercounter commercial dishwasher is far easier, quicker and washes are completed to a higher standard than is possible when one or two people are assigned to wash dishes. Our DUO commercial dishwashers can clean up to 360 plates every hour; they are more than up to the task to manage the needs of a busy workplace.

If you need something larger, more robust and able to handle an even higher volume of dishes, cups, bowls and plates, then we also have a wide range of pass through dishwashers, rack conveyor dishwashers and utensil washers.

Contact Classeq. Interested in one of our machines for your bar, restaurant, office canteen or entertainment venue? Need technical help? Get in touch: Give Classeq a call today:  01889 272338.