Standard Undercounter Glasswasher


Compact, front loading and with two wash programs standard (2 minute) and light (1.5 minute) cycles for effortless, consistently clean results, the G400 is the perfect glasswasher for where space is limited. The G400 is an easy to operate glass washer with a 400 x 400mm basket that holds 16 pint-sized glasses. With its two wash cycles, this machine is capable of cleaning up to 640-pint glasses per hour.

The digital LCD display accurately shows the temperature of the wash tank and rinse boiler, re-assuring the operator that it is up to temperature and fully sanitising during the wash cycle.

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Key Features

Two Wash Programs

Standard (2 min) and light (1.5 min) cycles allow for maximum output without compromising wash quality.

Temperature Interlock

Temperature interlock guarantees the rinse is at correct temperature.

Simple Controls

Simple two-button main controls plus two additional smaller buttons for cycle selection, for improved user experience.

Gravity Drain

All models come as standard with a gravity drain, which is suitable in instances where the machine is above the waste outlet.

Colour Coded Display

Amber flashing - Machine Heating
Blue - Machine in Cycle
Green - Machine Ready

Optional Drain Pump

All Standard Glasswashers can also be upgraded to include a drain pump - Essential for when the drainage is either higher than the machines waste outlet, or has to be pumped to a stand pipe. To upgrade to a drain pump, quote codes: G350P, G400P & G500P.


Tech Specs






Standard Configuration
Amps Required:
13A 1 Phase
Operating voltage:
220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Total Connected Load:
Optional 3 Phase Configuration
Amps Required 3 Phase:
13A 3 Phase
Operating Voltage 3 Phase:
Total Connected Load 3 Phase:
Optional 1 Phase Configuration
Amps Required 1 Phase:
30A 1 Phase
Operating Voltage 1 Phase:
Total Connected Load 1 Phase:

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