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P500 - Pass Through Dishwasher

Saves the day, Every Day

A range of simple to use, high-volume Pass Through machines.

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P500 - Pass Through Dishwasher

Works hard. Makes it look easy.

Available in three model levels to match your wash volumes - Everyday, Intermediate and Intensive Use.


  • Easy to use, simple to clean, excellent wash results.
  • Simple two-button control.
  • LCD displays wash & rinse tank temperatures plus wash cycle information.
  • Colour coded display.
  • Easily configured with a range of straight through and corner tabling options.
  • Available in three model levels based on your wash volumes - Everyday, Intermediate and Intensive Use.


  • Three wash programmes - light (1.5 minutes), standard (3 minutes) and intensive (5 minutes).
  • Temperature Interlock guaranteeing correct rinse temperature.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Continuous hood clean system.
  • WRAS compliant with Type AB air gap.
  • Built-in drain pump and rinse booster pump.
  • Optional water softener and chemical pump.


  • Made in Britain.
  • Next working day delivery available.*
  • Supported by a nationwide network of technicians.
P500 hood open with plates
P500 with tabling plates
P500 with tabling plates cutlery


High volume digital dishwashers suitable for straight-through or corner situated operation, the P500A machines are capable of washing up to 720 plates per hour.

Reduced water consumption
via 28 litre wash tank ensures minimised running costs. Easy cleaning due to the continuous hood clean and removable front panel allows excellent service access.

The P500A comes with a WRAS compliant type AB air gap, drain pump and rinse booster pump as standard. A detergent and rinse aid pump can be added as an optional extra.

Standard P500A machines can be specified in either single phase 30 Amp operation or 3 phase 12Amp, 16Amp or 22Amp.

Selecting the right machine for you is a simple three step process:

  1. Select your usage needs Everyday use, Intermediate or Intensive.
  2. Choose a machine type Standard 3 Phase or Single Phase.
  3. Add additional components Chemical Pumps and/or Integral Water Softener.

Key Features

Dimensions: 635 mm x 1460 mm x 712 mm Basket Size: 500 x 500 mm Plates per rack : 18 Theoretical max racks per hour: 40 Duration of wash programmes: 1.5, 3 & 5 minutes

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Product Downloads

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P500 - Technical Data at a Glance

A standard Pass Through with a 500mm x 500mm basket size. Wash up to 720 plates an hour. Available with integral water softener.

Basket Size 500 x 500 mm
Racks per hour Up to 40
Programme Durations 1.5, 3 & 5 minute cycles
Chemical Pump Optional
Dimensions 635mm (W) x 1460mm (H) (2010mm max.) x 712 (D)
Power 30 Amp, Single Phase - 6.68kW | 12 Amp, 3 Phase - 6.58kW | 16 Amp, 3 Phase - 9.32kW | 22 Amp, 3 Phase - 12.68kW
P500 Flat Image

Technical Details - P500

Full technical specification of the P500. Our glossary can help you understand the technical terms, still confused just complete the contact form and one our team will be in touch.

Width: 635 mm
Height: 1460 mm
Depth: 712 mm
Height - Hood Open: 1955-2010mm
Height - Hood Closed: 1460-1515mm
Maximum clear entry height: 440 mm
Water inlet height floor level: 255-310mm
Drain height floor level: 0-700mm
Drain Size: o40mm
Basket Size: 500 x 500 mm
Theoretical max racks per hour: 40
Plates per rack : 18
Number of wash programmes: 3
Duration of wash programmes: 1.5, 3 & 5 minutes
Noise level: < 70 dB
Net weight: 130kg
Wash pump size: 0.58kW
Wash pump capacity: 380 Ltrs/min
Wash tank heating: 4.05kW
Wash tank capacity: 28L
Wash tank temperature: 55 °C
Rinse boiler capacity: 7.5L (Everyday & Intermediate Use) / 12L (Intensive Use)
Rinse boiler temperature: 82°C
Rinse water consumption at 2 bar: 3 Ltrs
Hydraulic Specifications
Water supply connection: G3/4" (3/4"Bsp)
Required water pressure : 2-4 bar
Required water flow rate: 11L/min
Required Water Flow Rate with integral water softener: 4 L/min
Electrical Specifications
Operating voltage - Standard: 380-415AC/50/3N
Operating voltage - Optional : 220-240AC/50/1N
Amps required - 3 Phase: 40°C
Water fed @ : 10°C

Rinse Boiler Heating

Everyday Use - P500A-12 (380-415AC/50/3N): 6 kW
Everyday Use - P500A-30 (220-240AC/50/1N): 6 kW
Intermediate Use - P500A-16 (380-415AC/50/3N): 8.64 kW
Intensive Use - P500A-22 (380-415AC/50/3N): 12 kW

Total Connected Load

Everyday Use - P500A-12 (380-415AC/50/3N): 6.68 kW
Everyday Use - P500A-30 (220-240AC/50/1N): 6.68 kW
Intermediate Use - P500A-16 (380-415AC/50/3N): 9.32 kW
Intensive Use - P500A-22 380-415AC/50/3N: 12.68 kW

Choose the right machine for you.

The P500 is available in various configurations, making sure you get the right machine for your kitchen and requirements.

The right machine for you

Full suite of product information including product brochures, user manuals, engineer's manuals and more are available from our download centre.


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