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Q: At what wash volumes is it worthwhile considering a Pass Through machine?

A: Your dishwasher must be able to cope with demand during peak service. If you are washing more than 540 main plates per hour during peak service you should consider a Pass through.

Q: How many racks and plates an hour can a Classeq Pass Through wash?

A: The P500 can wash up to 40 racks an hour, up to 720 main plates.

Q: What power do I need for a Pass Through?

A: The P500 can be specified as either single phase 30 amp or three phase 12 amp, 16 amp or 22 amp. The power rating of the machine will also influence the performance of the machine, such as the initial heat up time and recovery between cycles during peak service.

The everyday use machine is available as a single phase, 30 amp option or three phase 12 amp. All other versions of the machine are three phase.

All three phase machines are either hard wired or use a commando plug. It is essential you confirm your power supply before ordering a machine, if you’re ordering an intermediate or intensive use machine you may need an electrician to upgrade your power supply if your current supply isn’t big enough.

A site survey can help determine what your current supply is.

Q: Do you always need tabling for a Pass Through?

A: Yes – the efficiency of Pass Through machines is linked to how quickly baskets can flow into and out of the machine, this is only possible with adjacent tabling.

Q: Can the Pass Through be configured to work in a corner?

A: Yes – the P500 is suitable for corner sited or straight through operations.

Q: Does the P500 come with an integrated water softener?

A: An integral water softener is available as an option on all P500 machines. A water softener is an essential requirement in hard water areas.

Q: How can I find out the water hardness for my area?

A. There are various online resources that can confirm the water hardness for your area. Please see below for some useful web links:

When you know who your water supplier is you can then visit their website, most water supplier websites have a postcode checker for water hardness. The Classeq offices are based in Milton Keynes with Anglian Water as our water supplier – using their online postcode checker we can confirm our water hardness is 15.549 °dH.

Our manufacturing plant is in Stafford with water supplied by Severn Trent – using their online postcode checker we can confirm our water hardness as 16.74 °dH.

We obviously also test our own water hardness; we can do this for you as part of a site survey.

Q: Do I need a softener?

A: If your water hardness is above 5 Degrees German it is essential you have a water softener, limescale can damage your machine.

The Classeq offices in Milton Keynes has a water hardness level of 15.549 °dH and as such all our machines have a water softener.

Q. Do I need a chemical pump?

A. Yes, to dose the correct amount of detergent and rinse aid every cycle to achieve the best wash results. The P500 is available with integral chemical pumps as an option or third party chemical companies can provide external dosing pumps.

Q. Is the P500 WRAS Compliant?

A. Yes – the P500 is WRAS compliant with a type ‘AB’ air gap.

Q. Why are there so many different variations of the P500?

A. It’s important we offer the right kit to meet your needs and we know, no two kitchens are the same. The machines are split into three categories based on your level of usage:

For everyday use
For intermediate use
For intensive use

For everyday use there are two power options – single phase, 30 amp or three phase, 12 amp. From there you can add an integral water softener and/or chemical pump.

For intermediate and intensive use machines the power is set, the options are only whether you need to add a water softener and/or chemical pump.

All options come with a drain pump as standard and are WRAS compliant.

Q. How do I know which machine I need? How do I know if it’s everyday use, intermediate use, or intensive use?

A. Your choice of machine will be defined by your wash volumes at peak times and the electrical supply which is available. Your dishwasher must cope with demand during your busiest service.

As an approximation, wash volumes of 360 main plates per hour are considered everyday use, 540 main plates an hour intermediate use and 720 main plates per hour intensive use.

This is obviously a very rough guide as the size and number of tableware items used for each cover and service varies greatly by venue.

A detailed review of wash volumes can be carried out during your site survey.

Q. What tabling options are available?

A. We offer four different sizes of tabling with each size available in four different configurations – right or left hand entry tables and right or left-hand exit tables.

We also offer two different size tables including a sink and overhead prewash spray, again these are available in left and right hand configurations.

All standard tabling options are compatible with the P500. Click here to see all the available tabling options.

Q. Can you support bespoke tabling requirements?

A. Yes – if our standard tabling options don’t meet your requirements we can produce bespoke tabling.

Q. Does the P500 come with a drain pump?

A. Yes – a drain pump is fitted as standard, allowing water to be pumped into a waste outlet above ground height.

Q. Is a site survey required prior to purchasing and installing a Pass Through?

A. Due to the various power options and tabling requirements, it’s recommended that a site survey is carried out for Pass Through machines.

Q. What are the dimensions for the P500?

A. 635mm (W) x 1955-2010mm open / 1460-1515mm closed (H) x 712mm (D). Full specifications of the machine are available here.

Q. Is a Pass Through the same as a Hood or Hood Type Dishwasher?

A. Yes – Pass Through dishwashers are sometimes referred to as Hood or Hood Type Dishwashers.

Q. How many wash programs does the P500 offer?

A. The P500 has three wash programs 1.5, 3 and 5 minute cycles.

Q. What size basket/rack does the P500 use?

A. 500mm x 500mm

Q. What does KW loading mean when considering the different P500 options?

A. The higher the KW loading figure the more power the machine has. More power means the machine can heat the water faster and deliver more wash cycles in a period of time.

Q. Can the P500 be used with an external water softener?

A. We would recommend opting for the integral water softener as it is simple to use and saves valuable space in your kitchen. If you prefer to use an external softener the following softeners are available for the P500:

16 Litre Base Exchange Water Softener – WS16-SK
20 Litre Base Exchange Water Softener – WS20-SK
Automatic Base Exchange Water Softener – WS-AUTO
Automatic Hot Base Exchange Water Softener – WS-HC10

Q. Do you offer an installation service?

A. Your catering equipment supplier can arrange installation either by their own team or by our Classeq installation engineers.

Q. Do Classeq offer a maintenance package for the P500?

A. Ask your catering equipment supplier about the maintenance services they provide. Alternatively, you can purchase an annual maintenance package directly from us.

Q. How often should I clean my Pass Through machine.

A. Your machine must be cleaned daily – full instructions on how to clean the machine are included on page 20 of the user manual.

Q. Can a P500 be configured as a Glasswasher?

A. The standard P500 is configured as a dishwasher, however it is possible for the machine to be pre-configured as a glasswasher, please ensure you make your needs clear when ordering.

Q. How do I buy a P500?

A. All Classeq machines are sold through our network of distributors. Please complete the How to Buy form on our website, we will then review your requirement and recommend a relevant distributor.

Q. How do I arrange a site survey?

A. Speak to your catering equipment supplier about arranging a site survey, either one of their team will visit site or a member of the Classeq team.

If you would like support finding a supplier to work with complete our ‘How to Buy’ online form, we’ll then get in touch to discuss your requirement and recommend a supplier to work with.

Q. Where can I get a user manual for the machine?

A. The P500 user manual is available to download from the Classeq website – click here to download a PDF.

Further technical documents are also available to download at the foot of each product page:

Everyday Use – P500A-12
Intermediate Use – P500A-16
Intensive Use – P500A-22

Q. Why can’t I buy a machine directly from you?

A. We sell our machines exclusively through distributors, catering equipment suppliers and kitchen design houses. These suppliers are able to build a relationship with you to include all your kitchen and front of house needs.

We are always here to support your purchase and ownership of a Classeq machine. If we can help in any way, please contact us.

Q. Can I talk to someone to discuss my requirement?

A. Definitely – we’re here to help you with every step of the specification and purchasing process. Complete our online ‘How to Buy’ form and one of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.